A free pass for Trump? GOP presses edge in key battlegrounds for washington post dc

A free pass for Trump? GOP presses edge in key battlegrounds for washington post dc , A full year before Election Day 2020, Republicans quietly executed a “dry run” of President Donald Trump’s massive re-election machine.

They activated tens washington post dc of thousands of volunteers and tested phone bank capabilities and get-out-the-vote operations in every state in the nation. Before and after the sprawling exercise,

GOP officials coordinated thousands of so-called “MAGA Meet ups” to organize and expand their network of Trump loyalists, paying close attention to battlegrounds like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. washington post dc , And on Tuesday, Trump himself will face thousands more cheering supporters in Pennsylvania,

His fourth appearance in the swing state this year. The nation’s best known Democrats, meanwhile, are pouring most of their time and resources into the states that matter most in their primary fight: Iowa, Defiant Democrats insist that Trump is not getting a free pass in the nation’s top general election battlegrounds.

They note that the “dry run” played out on the same week that Republicans washington post dc suffered embarrassing losses across several states. But others are willing to acknowledge the reality:

Much of the Democratic Party’s energy and star power will ignore critical swing states like Pennsylvania for much of the next six months. “Whomever their nominee is they’re going to come out broke and have to scale nationally overnight because the DNC lacks the resources to get it done,”

said Rick Gorka, a spokesman for the GOP and Trump’s campaign, calling their operation in Pennsylvania the “biggest and baddest washington post dc ground game in the state.” Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills noted that she’s working closely with the Democratic National Committee ,

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