A response to Kliff Kingsbury’s hire with Cardinals with vanguard sports

A response to Kliff Kingsbury’s hire with Cardinals with vanguard sports , In December, when the Arizona Cardinals were contemplating their future and how to best develop quarterback Josh Rosen, pressing questions began to tilt the franchise away from head coach Steve Wilks.

Where is the league going and how can we keep up?

The Cardinals didn’t need to search long for answers. The regular-season schedule in 2018 was enough of a reminder.

The future of the NFC West was apparent in a pair of thumping losses at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams and coach Sean McVay.

If you’re looking for a reason why the Cardinals fired Wilks after only one season and replaced him with Kliff

Kingsbury,  And if it isn’t, then Arizona is risking the best opportunity to build a Super Bowl team since it signed Kurt Warner in 2005. That’s what the Cardinals believe is at stake here.

This is why Kingsbury landed the Arizona job. The same reason why the franchise was intrigued in him as a candidate since December.

This will be called “group think” of course. It will be called a lack of original thought or the typical copycat atmosphere that overtakes NFL franchises.

Those criticisms may be both fair and right. But in the minds of Cardinals ownership , the NFL is largely built on success replication. It’s why the league has “eras” that are dominated by certain types of defenses or a particular brand of positional dominance. More often than not,

NFL success is often achieved through the theft of ideas. How many championships have been won by West Coast offenses since 1980?

Why are so many quarterbacks running offenses that call for a litany of shotgun snaps or spread sets? Why is the nickel package the most popular base defensive set in the league?

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