‘A Warning’ by ‘Anonymous’: 5 Takeaways

‘A Warning’ by ‘Anonymous‘: 5 Takeaways For President Donald Trump, leaks are maddening and anonymity infuriating. So the release of “A Warning,”

The new book by “Anonymous,” an unidentified senior official in the Trump administration who first wrote about the current White House in an opinion article in The New York Times, did not make for a good Friday for the president.

Here are some takeaways about what the book shows, and about what it doesn’t. “The White House, quite simply, is broken,” the author says at one point. At another, the author writes that the president often acts on his impulses,

Even when he’s been talked out of them, whether it’s in relation to policy matters or possibly dismissing a staff member. “His cyclical urges can’t be suppressed for long,” the author writes. His lack of interest in other branches of government is a constant theme.

“Don’t worry about Congress,” he is supposed to have told an aide. “Just do what you need to do.” These ideas don’t tread new ground — the themes were hit on, in more elaborate detail, in books by Michael Wolff and Bob Woodward earlier in the Trump presidency.

Both writers painted the Trump presidency as aberrant and potentially dangerous, with detailed scenes describing actions by the president. Trump repeatedly testing the bounds of the law, or in some cases, ignoring them outright.

The author attributes it in part to his lack of familiarity with the executive branch after a lifetime in business.“In fairness, when Trump suggests doing something unlawful, it’s not necessarily nefarious,” the author writes.

Still, the author describes Trump bluntly as unlearned, intellectually incurious and sometimes consumed with frustration about leaks. Trump and officials possibly resigning en masse. More often he describes aides asking, “What the hell happened?”

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