Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Schools Fox News On What ‘The Latina Thing’ Is Really All About

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Schools Fox News On What ‘The Latina Thing’ Is Really All About ,

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is firing back at Fox News after one of its hosts and a guest mocked her for doing “the Latina thing.”

Laura Ingraham on Tuesday night asked guest Joe diGenova if he noticed that the freshman lawmaker “puts on accents” when she introduces herself.

“She does the Latina thing where she does her, you know, ’Anastasio Ocasio-Cortez,” diGenova replied, saying her name incorrectly and with an exaggerated accent.  In a series of tweets, Ocasio-Cortez gave them her own definition of “the Latina thing.”

Then she offered up a pro tip on her last name:

If by ‘the Latina thing,’ she means I actually do the work instead of just talk about it, then yeah, I’m doing ‘the Latina thing.’Unless of course she‘s talking about being multilingual, which we know isn’t a ‘Latina thing.

Ingraham asked conservative lawyer Joe diGenova if he had noticed how, when Ocasio-Cortez “introduces herself, does she take on that Obama, Obama put on accents?”

The host of “The Ingraham Angle” also described the freshman lawmaker as “the It Girl, and I mean girl in a very mature way” and “the juice” of the Democratic Party.

Siri, show me the brand of ‘economic anxiety’ that mocks Americans of color as unintelligent + unskilled, while *also* mocking those same Americans for speaking more languages than you:

“How dare they refuse to say their name in a wrong accent & not mangle their own family name so that I can feel more comfortable instead of look inside myself & examine why something as small as *a person’s name* makes me uncomfortable in the first place?? This is an outrage!”

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