Amid hurricane emergency, Trump fired off dozens

Amid hurricane emergency, Trump fired off dozens of tweets promoting his golf course ,

As Category 1 Hurricane Barry approached Louisiana’s coast Saturday morning, exceeding its initial tropical storm categorization and leaving more than 46,000 people in the state without power, President Donald Trump conjured up a storm of his own on Twitter.

Trump also quote-tweeted twice in the same time frame, once to call former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe “a major sleazebag.

 Trump accused McCabe of taking “massive amounts of money from Crooked Hillary reps, for wife’s campaign, while Hillary was under ‘investigation’ by FBI!”

Trump’s tweet was in reference to Judicial Watch tweeting that it had filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Justice “for records of communications between the FBI & former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe related to his book,

The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump.”

Trump also quote-tweeted Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, who accused Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office of deleting texts “of corrupt FBI officials Lisa Page & Peter Strzok,”

 Who Fitton then claimed were anti-Trump, “pro-Clinton FBI lovers who were running the Clinton’s Trump-Russia spy op” in the same tweet.

Trump tweeted that Fitton’s accusation “is one of the most horrible abuses of all” and that “Those texts between gaga lovers would have told the whole story.”

Trump also claimed Mueller had performed “Illegal deletion” and that “They gave us ‘the insurance policy.'” Trump’s tweetstorm began with him retweeting an ad for his golf courses from The Trump Organization’s official account,

And Trump’s other retweets included one where Vice President Mike Pence called CNN’s coverage of migrant detention facilities “so dishonest” after he posted photos

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