AP FACT CHECK: Trump attacks Russia probe as biased

AP FACT CHECK: Trump attacks Russia probe as biased ,

Trump also falsely asserted the U.S. economy is the greatest ever and overstated the nature of his win in the 2016 race. The attorney general at the time, Jeff Sessions didn’t lack courage in the matter; he lacked standing ,

He recused himself from anything to do with the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russia because his work for the campaign placed him in a potential conflict of interest. It then fell to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to decide whether to appoint a special counsel, and he did.

“I know that he’s conflicted and I know that his best friend is Comey, who’s a bad cop.”

Though James Comey succeeded Mueller as FBI director, and though they served together in the Bush administration, the men are not known to be social friends. There is certainly no evidence, as Trump has repeatedly suggested, that they are “best friends.”

On the Mueller report: “It’s sort of interesting that a man out of the blue just writes a report.”

Mueller didn’t wake up one day “out of the blue” and decide he wanted to write a report. It’s mandated under the regulation that spells out the grounds for his appointment and duties as special counsel.

“I got 306 electoral votes against 223. That’s a tremendous victory. I got 63 million more — I got 63 million votes. And now somebody just writes a report?”

He did not have as lopsided a victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton as he suggests.

Trump did indeed win nearly 63 million votes in the 2016 election, but it was fewer than the 65 million for Clinton, who won the popular vote after racking up lopsided victories in big states such as New York and California ,

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