Benching Lamar Jackson or Joe Flacco for vanguard sports

Benching Lamar Jackson or Joe Flacco for vanguard sports , wasn’t going to save Ravens, so stop crushing the rookie QB With Lamar Jackson, there’s always a chance.

A chance to pull off the improbable. A chance to defy expectations. And a chance, most importantly, to win.

It’s why the stage still belonged to the Ravens rookie quarterback late in the fourth quarter against the Los Angeles Chargers. And it’s why Joe Flacco, a former Super Bowl champion MVP, was left sitting on the bench.

The moment — and the future — belongs to Jackson. For better or worse. And on Sunday, it was worse for Baltimore before it got better, and suddenly it all ended in crushing fashion.

Jackson can be his own worst enemy — evidenced by his three fumbles that bookended an erratic and electrifying effort in Baltimore’s 23-17 loss to the higher-seeded Chargers.

With 1:51 left on the clock, Jackson had rebounded from a double-digit deficit and thrown more passing yards than Chargers veteran quarterback Philip Rivers.

With 45 seconds to go, the Ravens were back on the field with a chance to complete a storybook comeback.

But Jackson’s final fumble of the game sealed a victory for the Chargers, who now will face the perennial power New England Patriots in an AFC divisional-round game next week.

But what’s more maddening than Jackson’s carelessness with the football are the constants criticisms of the former Heisman trophy winner. Let me guess: You still think Joe Flacco could have saved the day?

Whether he agreed or not, Flacco said he understood the decision to keep Jackson in the game and offered support for the rookie.

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