Biden joined in Texas by rivals-turned-endorsers Buttigieg, Klobuchar and O’Rourke

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Biden joined in Texas by rivals-turned-endorsers Buttigieg, Klobuchar and O’Rourke , Riding a wave of big endorsements, Joe Biden appeared on stage with former rivals Amy Klobuchar  and Beto O’Rourke on Monday night and presented his ,

Emerging two-person race with Bernie Sanders as a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party one day before a critical swath of contests that will shape the race.

Pete Buttigieg flew from South Bend, Indiana, to Dallas to endorse Biden before his rally but returned home and did not join the former vice president at the event.

“If Democrats want a nominee who will build on Obamacare, not scrap it; take on the NRA and gun manufacturers, protect our children; who’ll stand up for the middle class,

Not raise their taxes and make promises that can’t be kept, then join us,” Biden said. “If Democrats want a nominee who’s a Democrat, a lifelong Democrat, a proud Democrat, a lifelong Democrat, then join us. We can either win big or lose big, that’s the choice.”

Texas votes with 13 other states on Super Tuesday, a day when one-third of delegates to the party’s convention this summer will be up for grabs.

A running theme in the remarks of Buttigieg, Klobuchar and O’Rourke was that Biden is the party’s best chance at victory and offers a decent and caring alternative to President Donald Trump.

“We need somebody who can beat Donald Trump. The man in the White House today poses an existential threat to this country, to our democracy, to free and fair elections, and we need somebody who can beat him,” Rourke said. “In Joe Biden, we have that man.” Buttigieg said Biden would “bring back dignity to the White House” if elected president and “change the toxic and divisive nature  ,


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