Bob Costas says he was removed from Super Bowl broadcast for vanguard news today

Bob Costas says he was removed from Super Bowl broadcast for vanguard news today , due to comments on concussions, CTE in NFL .

Costas was planning to finish out the season hosting NBC’s Sunday Night Football, concluding with him hosting the Super Bowl one last time before stepping away.

For a broadcaster like Costas — who had been with the network since 1979 and hosted some of the biggest sporting

Events in the world, including numerous Super Bowls, Olympic Games, World Series, NBA Finals, Triple Crown horse races, and more — it seemed like a fitting ending.

Costas was pulled from the broadcast last minute for his comments on concussions and brain damage in the NFL.

“I think the words were, ‘You’ve crossed the line,’” Costas told ESPN. “My thought was, ‘What line have I crossed?’”

Costas’ ‘controversial’ comments on concussions

Three months before the Super Bowl, Costas spoke at a journalism symposium at Maryland. That’s when his comments on concussions and brain injuries in the NFL took off.

“The issue that is most substantial — the existential issue — is the nature of football itself,” Costas said, via the Washington Post. “The reality is that this game destroys people’s brains.”

Now, that’s not an outstanding view and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the league in recent years. Brain damage — specifically chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE — has been a rising issue among both current and retired NFL players.

Costas called out those who are trying to ignore the facts around the issue, too, clearly making his stance on the issue known — if that wasn’t obvious before.

“There is this crazy notion that you hear on talk radio and some right-wing sites that this is just another left-wing conspiracy to undermine something that is quintessentially American,” Costas said, via the Washington Post.

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