Buttigieg leads Iowa caucuses with 62% of the results counted

Buttigieg leads Iowa caucuses with 62% of the results counted , Pete Buttigieg is leading the Iowa caucuses with 62 percent of 99 counties reporting, the Iowa Democratic Party  Buttigieg earned 26.9 percent of the votes counted so far, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders with 25.1 percent.

Said at a briefing Tuesday afternoon, nearly an entire day after a smartphone app malfunction delayed the reporting of results.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren has earned 18.3 percent and former Vice President Joe Biden is in fourth place with 15.6 percent. Candidates are vying for 41 possible delegates,

And are only eligible to receive a portion of that total if they hit over 15 percent viability in each precinct. While Buttigieg has net 26.9% of state delegates so far, Sanders still has the edge in the state’s popular vote.

Sanders lost steam in a second realignment, which gave Buttigieg the upper hand in terms of state delegate equivalents. The 38 percent still unreported could shift these totals.

The preliminary numbers are a boost for Buttigieg, who needed a strong showing in Iowa to compete beyond the early states. Campaigning in New Hampshire as the results were finally made public, Buttigieg called the results an “astonishing victory.”

A Buttigieg campaign source told that the early returns reinforced what “they already knew” — that the Obama/Trump flip counties would edge toward ,

The former mayor.  Buttigieg’s success also came at a cost for Biden, another centrist frontrunner in the Democratic field. While Biden’s campaign has been tempering expectations for Iowa, a fourth place showing will likely be weaponized against them.

In fact, Biden barely edged out Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., by three percent in the final alignment.  In a news conference unlikely to quell the fervor over the botched reporting of the caucus results, Iowa Democratic Party chairman Troy Price said  ,

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