can a wall stop drugs? spot the heroin in this picture latest vanguard news today

can a wall stop drugs? spot the heroin in this picture latest vanguard news today, One of President Trump’s go-to arguments for building a wall on the U.S . border with Mexico is that it will cut down on illegal drug traffic.

“I talk about human traffickers, I talk about drugs, I talk about gangs,

As it happens, El Chapo — the nickname for the drug-cartel boss Joaquín Guzmán Loera — is on trial in federal court in New York City now .

All very ingenious — but it implies that Trump is overlooking an important point: A wall won’t stop an airplane,

smugglers can cross the border “unimpeded,” why would they need to go to the trouble of building a submarine?

Trump claimed in his remarks Friday that aerial surveillance detects “vast numbers of vehicles driving through the desert and entering where you don’t have a very powerful fence or a wall.”

On Friday, Trump coupled his plea for the wall with a call for “bigger, more powerful” ports of entry with state-of-the-art “drug-finding equipment.”

Trump has also gone back and forth, numerous times, about the physical design of the wall , which at one point was described as concrete, and more recently as something like a giant steel slat fence, which would permit U.S .

But if the spaces between the slats are wide enough to see through, they would also allow a smuggler to pass a package of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl or most other drugs except (relatively bulky) marijuana. As Gen. John Kelly, at the time the head of U.S. Southern Command .

The equivalent of a couple of shipping containers. Of course, drugs are only one of the things Trump claims his plan will stop — illegal immigrants, gang members and terrorists,

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