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Competitive sports for kids  10 Reason Competitive Sports Are Great Youth Kids , I don’t think that competition is either good or bad. It just is. Rather it is how we think about it for cope with it makes it good or bad. How much we stress the importance of competition that gives it a larger space in our lives than it deserves.

Why should kids compete? Is competition good for them? Is it necessary to get them prepared for their grown-up lives? How much we stress the importance of competition that gives it a larger space in our lives than it deserves ,

So here are my 10 reasons why experiencing competition is good for kids:

1. Competition drives us to learn at a faster rate and perform at a higher level.When the meet is on the horizon, we work harder and faster. When we are playing a game push a little harder

2. Competition teaches us to bring our best effort .Keeping score gives us extra motivation to do our best. We pursue excellence when we compete.

3. Competition teaches us to manage our nerves.When something is out of our comfort zone or pushes us to perform, it’s normal to feel fluttery within. Competition brings those butterflies out,

4. Competition does not have to be feared.Often kids fear competition, making it into something scarier or more important than it needs to be

5. Competition teaches us to take risks.Once we realize that competition is not a terrifying thing, we can take risks .We can develop our confidence to do things that are hard or uncomfortable.

6. Competition teaches us to cope when things do not go our way. Sometimes you work hard, and you still lose. Sometimes you win but still didn’t perform as you wanted to

7. Competition helps us with goal setting.While setting goals and making a plan to reach them can be done outside of competition,

8. Competition teaches us to play by rules.Learning to operate within rules and developing strategies to use those rules to our advantage are great things competition teaches.

9. Competition helps us to learn to win and lose with grace.Nobody likes a boastful person, and nobody likes are pouter. Competition gives us the opportunities to cope with feelings of pride

10. Competition is fun.Most people enjoy games. They have fun playing them. Being a part of team makes us feel like we belong. Taken correctly competition is fun for kids.

Of course, many of these 10 benefits can also be achieved through other means, including non-competitive sports, the arts or faith-based activities. Nevertheless,there is no doubt in my mind that when done purposeful and developmentally appropriate manner that places the needs of the children well ahead of winning, competitive sports can and should be a great experience for kids.

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