Democrats release impeachment resolution that calls for open hearings

Democrats release impeachment resolution that calls for open hearings , House Democrats have released a resolution that calls for “open and investigative proceedings” in the impeachment inquiry against ,

President Trump for his alleged political interference in foreign aid to Ukraine. Republicans have criticized the impeachment proceedings thus far as overly reliant on secrecy.

The resolution published today by the House Rules Committee, which customarily gives legislation the final imprimatur before it heads to a floor vote, is intended to address those charges. The resolution maintains the position of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

Moreover, the resolution does say that House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., will “conduct proceedings to the impeachment inquiry.”

Judiciary will also handle whatever articles of impeachment the House settles on, and will be the venue in which Trump’s lawyers will have the ability to “Present their case and respond to evidence; Submit written requests for additional testimony or other evidence;

Attend hearings, including those held in executive session; Raise an objection to testimony given; and Cross-examine witnesses,” according to a fact sheet sent out by Democrats.

The resolution mandates that Schiff conduct “an open hearing or hearings,” a key provision that will seemingly address Republican complaints about the closed-door testimony  that has marked the impeachment process to this point. Questioning of witnesses,

Republicans will have the opportunity to request witnesses of their own, although they will have to provide “detailed written justification of the relevance of the testimony of each requested witness to the investigation.”

Democrats on the committee will have the power to approve or block witnesses requested by Republicans. The president’s attorneys will also have the chance to participate in the impeachment proceedings,

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