Democrats win in court over Trump’s financial records

Democrats win in court over Trump’s financial records ,

A federal judge on Monday ruled in favor of House Democrats in their efforts to obtain President Donald Trump’s

financial records, marking the first legal victory for Democrats as the Trump administration stonewalls their attempts at congressional oversight.

Judge Amit Mehta wrote in a ruling Monday. “Accordingly, the court will enter judgment in favor of the Oversight Committee.

President Trump and the Trump Organization filed suit against the Democratic chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings, last month, seeking relief from his subpoena request for the president’s financial records.

The president and his legal team decried Democrats’ efforts to obtain Trump’s financial information as an “all-out political war,” in which “subpoenas are their weapon of choice.”

But in his order on Monday, Judge Mehta, an Obama appointee, sided with Democrats, whom he wrote have “facially valid legislative purposes” to obtain information requested in their subpoena of Mazars USA, the president’s former accounting firm.

Cummings served a subpoena to Mazars USA in April seeking ten years of the president’s financial records in an effort to corroborate elements of Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony before the committee.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat whose committee is also seeking information from the Trump administration, reacted to news of the decision, calling it “very important.”

“It shows that the courts understand the importance of oversight even if the president does not,” Schiff said.

“Mazars USA will respect the legal process and fully comply with its legal obligations. We believe strongly in the ethical and professional rules and regulations that govern our industry, our work and our client interactions.

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