Donald Trump visits grief-stricken El Paso and Dayton even though some want him

Donald Trump visits grief-stricken El Paso and Dayton even though some want him ,As he traveled to Texas and Ohio on Wednesday to meet with the survivors of back-to-back mass shootings, President Donald Trump ,

Dismissed criticism that his own campaign trail rhetoric has contributed to the violence.This time, however, at least some residents of the affected communities did not welcome Trump so warmly.

Some critics argue that Trump’s rhetorical broadsides on migrants in particular created an atmosphere of hate that presaged the attacks. As Air Force One touched down in Dayton, cable news networks carried split screen images of Trump meeting with local officials ,

On the tarmac next to video of protesters near the bar where the Dayton shooting took place on Sunday. Trump’s visit was unusually low key: Reporters traveling with the president didn’t see him in Dayton.

White House officials declined to disclose Trump’s itinerary in advance, but White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham relayed some of the president’s travels .In Dayton, Trump met with victims and families at Miami Valley Hospital.

“You had God watching,” Trump told some of the survivors, according to Grisham. “I want you to know we’re with you all the way.” As his motorcade wound through the city, protesters and supporters lined the route.

One man held a sign describing gun control measures under consideration as a “Dystopic Future.” Several RVs adorned with pro-Trump signs were parked along the route. But others held signs imploring the administration to support tougher gun laws.

Speaking at the White House before he left Washington, the president said lawmakers are working toward a deal on legislation to increase background checks for gun purchases.Some lawmakers are discussing the possibility of red-flag provisions. Background checks would be a higher hurdle.

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