Economic storm clouds hovering over Trump and global leaders

Economic storm clouds hovering over Trump and global leaders ,Under the threatening clouds of a global economic Slowdown, Trump has sent mixed signals on a number of policy fronts.

The meeting of the Group of Seven nations — Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.S Trump’s presidency, when his public comments and decision-making increasingly have seemed erratic and acerbic of late.

President Donald Trump is confronting the consequences of his preference to go it alone, with low expectations that the leaders of the richest democracies can make substantive progress on an array of issues at their summit in France.The summit host said the two men were discussing “a lot of crisis” around the world ,

Including Libya, Iran and Russia, as well as trade policy and climate change.But he also echoed Trump’s calls for Europe to do more to address the global slowdown, including by cutting taxes.

“When I look at Europe, especially, we need some new tools to relaunch our economy,” Macron said.Trump insisted that despite tensions, he and Macron “actually have a lot in common” and a “special relationship.” In a later tweet, he said: “Big weekend with other world leaders!

Macron outlined details of a French plan to ease tensions with Iran by allowing Iran to export oil for a limited amount of time,said a French diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity in accordance with the presidency’s customary practices.

In exchange, Iran would need to fully put in place the 2015 nuclear deal, reduce tensions in the Persian Gulf and open talks.It was not immediately clear how Trump could use the act to force American businesses to move their manufacturing out of China and to the U.S,

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