Elizabeth Warren hits back at Biden ‘angry’ criticism: ‘I am angry and I own it’

Elizabeth Warren hits back at Biden ‘angry’ criticism: ‘I am angry and I own it’  Hitting back at criticism from Joe Biden that many people said was sexist, Elizabeth Warren told supporters:

“I am angry . Warren also sought to put the Biden controversy to good use , her response came in a fundraising email she sent to supporters on Friday. Biden may indeed want Warren to be quiet – in Democratic primary polling he has fallen behind her in Iowa and New Hampshire,

Although he maintains a national lead. But he insisted his attack on the Massachusetts senator was not sexist. His initial remarks came in a Medium post entitled “I Have Fought for the Democratic Party My Whole Career”. “The other day,” wrote Biden, “I was accused by one of my opponents of running in the wrong primary. Pretty amazing. On one level, it is kind of funny.

But at another level these kinds of attacks are a serious problem. They reflect an angry unyielding viewpoint that has crept into our politics. If someone doesn’t agree with you – it’s not just that you disagree – that person must be a coward or corrupt or a small thinker.

“Some call it the ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ approach to politics. But it’s worse than that. It’s condescending to the millions of Democrats who have a different view.” Biden, the leading centrist in the primary field, did not mention Warren, the leading progressive, by name. But few had much difficulty working out the former vice-president’s target and on Friday .

“The strong women in my life are angry,” he said. “That has nothing to do with it. It had to do with the fact that it started off and she said, you know, Biden is running in the wrong primary because I disagreed,

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