Florida GOP lawmaker who’s undecided on impeaching Trump decides

Florida GOP lawmaker who’s undecided on impeaching Trump decides , A day after saying he would not rule out

Voting to impeach President Donald Trump, Florida GOP Rep. Francis X. Rooney announced Saturday he will not run for a third term in 2020 .”I don’t think I really do,” he said when asked by Fox News host Leland Vittert whether he needed a third term. “

I don’t really think I want one.” Chris Berardi, Rooney’s spokesman, later confirmed that the former ambassador and large Republican donor would not run next year in his Southwest Florida district.

Trump’s acting chief of staff acknowledged Thursday that aid to Ukraine at the center of a House impeachment

inquiry was withheld in part because of the president’s desire ,

“I want to study it some more … but it’s certainly very very serious and troubling,” he said. “I don’t think you can rule (impeachment) out until you know all the facts.” Rooney’s comments are the sharpest by a sitting GOP House member yet against the president.

And Democrats seized upon them as a sign that Trump was beginning to lose the confidence of GOP lawmakers. “Rooney should be commended for speaking the truth about President Trump’s abuse of power and separating himself from the rest of the Republican caucus who are unwilling to put country over party and uphold the rule of law,”

The 19th District seat Rooney now holds is unlikely to fall into Democratic hands next year. It’s one of the country’s reddest districts, which Trump won with nearly 60% in 2016. University of South Florida Distinguished University Professor Emerita and political analyst Susan McManus said that Rooney’s move didn’t shock her.

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