‘Folded Like A Cheap Suit’: Twitter Users Taunt Trump For Being ‘Outplayed’ By Pelosi in vanguard news

‘Folded Like A Cheap Suit’: Twitter Users Taunt Trump For Being ‘Outplayed’ By Pelosi in vanguard news ,

“It would be so very sad for our Country if the State of the Union were not delivered on time, on schedule, and very importantly, on location!” he said in a statement.

However, he needs the invitation of the House to deliver the speech ― and Pelosi made it clear in her reply that it

wasn’t coming “until government has opened.”

While Trump initially said he would “do something in the alternative,” he announced late Wednesday that he would hold off because “there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the House Chamber.”

Baby Don said, “I want to talk and pretend I’m a grownup!”
Mommy Nancy said, “No, Baby Don, you have been bad. You did a tantrum!”
Baby Don said, “WAAAH! I’ll get you, mean old Mommy Nancy!”
Said Mommy Nancy, “Well…you can try.”

Can’t think of another time since the campaign when he has had to publicly be outplayed by a woman.

The art of the deal:

Trump: “I’m giving that speech in the House chamber at the scheduled day and time. Period.”

Pelosi: “No.”

Trump: “OK, whenever’s good.”

The President concedes to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s terms and says he will not hold a State of the Union address until after the shutdown ends https://cnn.it/2R6QhGR

Pelosi: You can’t give the until the govt is reopened.

Trump: You can’t tell me what to do! I’m giving the speech. I’ll find another venue or I’ll…

Pelosi: What did I say?

Trump: I mean… I’ll give the when the govt is reopened.


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