Gareth ,Southgate ‘remarkably proud I can’t make players feel better

Gareth Southgate ‘remarkably proud I can’t make players feel better


Gareth Southgate ‘remarkably proud I can’t make players feel better ,

Gareth Southgate says his young England side are benefiting from their , Gareth Southgate has praised his young England side ,

“We track them all,” he said of the youngsters coming through the system.”One of the most important things we can

do is be right on the button with every player who is playing, Geoff Hurst, whose hat-trick against West Germany

helped England win the 1966 World Cup,has likened Southgate to Sir Alf Ramsey, saying his leadership has

“engendered a good team spirit””So, whenever we bring a new player in, that player is excited by it, but the other

players also want to prove themselves to that player.“Asked about whether supporters were “connecting” with the

team, rather than offering platitudes , We shouldn’t overlook the opportunity we had and, at the moment ,

“I am sure if you speak to Callum Wilson or Jadon or the others that have just come into this camp or the last one,

they feel comfortable,” said the manager. the dressing room or walking around the hotel – last night it was like a

youth club, “They’re relaxed and they’re enjoying being together and enjoying playing –  England we’ve spent a bit of

time being lost as to what our modern identity is, He added: “We have a chance to affect something bigger than

ourselves.”“But I’m remarkably proud of a group of players who have really advanced, and no one could have given

any more “We’re hugely disappointed not to take the country one step further and give them everything they had

hoped for , You give everything you have, build friendships within your team – in international football.

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