God ‘wanted Donald Trump to become president,’ Sarah Sanders says

God ‘wanted Donald Trump to become president,’ Sarah Sanders says ,

WASHINGTON – In an interview on Wednesday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she believes that

God wanted Donald Trump to be president. Talking with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Sanders offered her thoughts on a wide array of topics, including immigration, a border wall,

The White House press briefings and how real estate mogul Donald Trump ended up at the White House.

“I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that He wanted Donald Trump to

become president,” Sanders said, according to CBN News. “That’s why he’s there and I think he has done a tremendous job in supporting a lot of the things that people of faith really care about.

Much of Sanders’ 20-minute interview with the media organization revolved around the intersection of faith and

politics, including how Christians in Syria will be affected by pulling troops out of the country, abortion and whether

a wall along the southern border, Trump’s key campaign promise that led to a 35-day government shutdown, is moral.

Sanders argued that Trump is the “most conservative president that we’ve ever had,” pointing to how the

administration has reshaped the judicial system with a wide assortment of conservative judges.

Sanders questioned whether press briefings were the best way to distribute information and criticized members of

the press who used the briefings as a way to “find this gotcha moment.”

Sanders said her faith helps comfort her in her daily duties at the White House and when she faces tough questions from the news media about the administration.

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