Hillary Clinton talks about her sexuality in wide-ranging Howard Stern interview

Hillary Clinton talks about her sexuality in wide-ranging Howard Stern interview . ‘Contrary to what you might hear, I actually like men’ .

Clinton, of course, talked President Trump and politics — the upcoming election, the impeachment hearings and losing to him in 2016 — but also about her dating life pre-Bill Clinton and rumors about her sexuality.

At the top of the show, Clinton confirmed a long-rumored story (with its own Snopes page) about George W. Bush’s reaction to Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration speech .“I was disappointed and I was really surprised because I couldn’t figure out what had happened. So when he’s going to be inaugurated,

I was going as the former first lady. That was the reason I was there — I was no longer in the Senate. Secretaries of state don’t attend.” Clinton attended as a sense of duty, she said despite people telling her, “Don’t go,” and it being “one of the hardest days of my life.”

But she said Bush lightened the mood a little. “Bill and I were sitting with George and Laura Bush and then [Trump] started on that speech which was so bizarre. That’s when I got really worried. I thought: Wait a minute. It’s not rational, but it’s also not politics .

It’s not what a president does. A president is supposed to try to reach out to people who weren’t for him or her… I hoped I would hear a little of that but then the carnage in the street and the dark dystopian vision.

I was sitting there like just: Wow. I couldn’t believe it, and George W. Bush says to me, ‘Well that was some weird sh**.’” Clinton didn’t mince words when it came to her feelings about her political foe,

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