How a bill co-sponsored by Elizabeth Warren and signed by Trump

How a bill co-sponsored by Elizabeth Warren and signed by Trump could reshape the next presidential transition  .

In approximately 10 months, a new presidential administration will take shape. It could be a second term of the Trump administration, or an entirely new one led by Joe Biden.

It may come as the coronavirus epidemic still rages or, more likely, in the epidemic’s fraught aftermath. And just how that administration takes shape could have great consequences in the years to come. That’s why there’s reason to cheer a little-noticed bill that could ensure ,

That the transition is conducted with the proper ethical strictures in place — the kinds of strictures that did not exist in 2016.No, the transitions bill won’t cure the coronavirus, but advocates of the legislation say it’s an unlikely success story,

Particularly given who championed it. President Trump branded one of them “Pocahantas,” while she, in turn, calls him Vladimir Putin’s “elf on the shelf.” Earlier this month, in an unlikely act of bipartisanship,

Trump signed a bill written, in part, by Elizabeth Warren, one of his most stinging critics in the Senate. What’s more, the bill seems to directly address the accusations of corruption she has leveled against him.

Trump may not have even known he was signing a bill written by Warren.That’s because the bill, the Presidential Transition Enhancement Act of 2019, was principally sponsored by Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware, who is a Democrat, and Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, a Republican.

The bill would require every presidential transition to have — and release to the American people — an ethics plan. In effect, the new law amounts to a codified message that incoming presidents have to take ethics seriously.


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