If You Didn’t Already Think Trump Was Unfit for Office, Syria and Ukraine

If You Didn’t Already Think Trump Was Unfit for Office, Syria and Ukraine . Throughout the 2016 presidential primaries and through the presidential campaign,

Those of us who were classified as “Never Trump” or “anti-Trump” conservatives repeated the same mantra,  time and time again: Character is destiny. A man’s temperament, knowledge, and integrity inevitably shape his conduct. While we have seen the consequences of Trump’s character throughout his presidency,

Let’s begin with Trump’s incompetence. There is no question that Trump faced a difficult strategic and diplomatic challenge in northern Syria. He inherited command of a complex military conflict, and then proceeded to make terrible decisions that had immediate and profound consequences.

 America also enjoyed a longstanding (though increasingly difficult) alliance with Turkey. In mere days, however, his abrupt and shocking retreat after a single call with Turkish President Erdogan destroyed our nation’s alliance with the Syrian Kurds,

Granted ISIS a lifeline as allied Kurdish forces lost control of ISIS detention facilities, and put our alliance with NATO partner Turkey under unprecedented strain as Trump then imposed sanctions that were too little, too late to avoid a profound military and diplomatic setback.

Adding insult to injury, Americans watched in shame and embarrassment as Russian mercenaries and Russian media toured a former American base a base that was abandoned so hastily that American soldiers left equipment, food, and even personal belongings behind.

The disaster in Syria pushed temporarily shoved Ukraine from the headlines, but the impeachment inquiry further reveals Trump’s corruption and unfitness . Evidence continues to pour out that Trump was attempting to coerce Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

Donald Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, messages reveal that a key American diplomat believed that Trump was conditioning military aid on Ukrainian assistance in his harebrained schemes.

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