Inside how the Trump campaign plans to win Florida again in 2020

Inside how the Trump campaign plans to win Florida again in 2020 ,

President Donald Trump‘s reelection team is ramping up its game plan to win Florida again in 2020, and the campaign is off to a radically different start than last time.

In 2016, with 100 days until Election Day, the Trump campaign’s ground game in Floridawas virtually nonexistent: Zero offices were up and running in the key swing state and little to no strategy was in place to maximize voter turnout. Nevertheless,

thanks in part to major last-minute shifts in approach, the president flipped the state red, for the first time since George W. Bush won it in 2004, with just 1.2% more votes than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

This time, the reelection team is getting a head start to ensure Florida — the president’s second home — isn’t such a nail biter. The campaign already has key staff in place nearly a year and half before voters head to the polls in 2020 and thousands of volunteers ready to hit the pavement for the president.

The campaign has made key hires to its political infrastructure in the Midwest and Florida, expanding its regional strategy to nine regions each with dedicated political directors, up from six in 2016, a Trump campaign official tells ABC News.

Trump Victory, which encompasses both the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign, will also name nine state political directors specifically assigned in key swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida, according to the official.

“The successful ground game partnership between Donald Trump’s campaign and the RNC led to us capturing Florida’s electoral votes and we look forward to winning again in 2020,Republican National Committee Deputy Communications Director Rick Gorka told ABC News.

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