Intelligence community unveils plans for disclosing foreign electoral interference

Intelligence community unveils plans for disclosing foreign electoral interference promises no ‘partisan politics’ On Friday afternoon, almost a year before the 2020 presidential election ,

The intelligence community published new guidelines outlining how officials will decide how and when to notify potential victims of foreign interference in U.S. elections.  According to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

The intelligence community’s top agency in charge of coordinating information sharing between its 17 members, the new framework will “supplement” existing laws on victim notification and aim to “protect the American people” and “secure the integrity of our elections” by more quickly making information about threats available.

President Trump approved the new framework on Halloween, a senior intelligence official told journalists in a phone call Friday afternoon. The new guidelines aim to create a clear path to disclosing sensitive information about specific threats to the owners ,

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Prior to the election, the Obama administration was fearful that public disclosure about Russian meddling might lead critics to conclude the White House was acting to help Clinton.

“There is an agreed-upon sense of urgency,” said the senior intelligence official on the press call on Friday. “There is really a sense of urgency to operationalize this information as quickly as possible.” Those disclosures might be private, intended only for the targets, or public, intended to inform the general population.

For example, if two local counties were victims of a specific cyberattack and were notified by the FBI, the framework would allow the government to have another avenue to warn other potential targets, such as a higher-ranking state election official,  without necessarily disclosing the specific details about the original victim, who might prefer to maintain anonymity .

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