Just about everyone expects Klay Thompson for vanguard sports

Just about everyone expects Klay Thompson for vanguard sports , to re-sign, except maybe the Lakers .

Lost in the Golden State Warriors drama of Kevin Durant’s 2019 free agency . and his dustup with

teammate Draymond Green is the impending free agency and season-long shooting slump of original Splash Brother

Klay Thompson. Warriors fans received good news on both Thompson fronts this week.

The $69 million extension Thompson signed in 2014 is set to expire at season’s end, and the four-time All-Star would command a max contract from a number of suitors this summer. The Lakers,  who have employed his father

Mychal for more than two decades as a player and analyst, will be first in line.

That said, Thompson has given us no indication that he intends to leave the Warriors, doubling down this summer on his commitment to the Warriors. “I would like to be a Warrior for life,” he told The Mercury News’ Mark

Medina in August, before telling everyone on media day, “When guys go into free agency, they’re searching for a situation like mine or similar to our team. I’m perfectly content here.”

Klay Thompson seemed annoyed by the Durant-Green dustup that could threaten the fabric of the dynasty, and

Warriors coach Steve Kerr has softened from stating unequivocally before the season that this is not the last go-

around for this core group to saying this week that these Warriors have “a finite term limit.” They have lost some of

the joy Thompson may have been riding when he made his intention to re-sign known, but it still seems like most of

the drama hinges on Durant’s decision, not Thompson’s.

For all the attention paid to Thompson’s shooting “woes,” which still count for 21.6 points per game, despite a 60-

point dip from his career 3-point percentage (and, weirdly, nearly a 50-point dip in his career free throw

percentage), there will always be reason to believe he can do more in the absence of Durant and his isolation

tendencies. And within that construct now,

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