Kamala Harris could be the big winner as California, for breaking news today

Kamala Harris could be the big winner as California, for breaking news today , moves up its 2020 primary .

Tired of taking a back seat to smaller states that play an outsized role in picking presidential candidates, California moved up its primary elections for 2020 to Super Tuesday, March 3. That switch would seem to benefit Sen. Kamala Harris’s candidacy, political observers say, though it also carries potential danger.

“The advantage will go to Kamala Harris and anybody else from California,” Dean told Yahoo News.

Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and former head of the Democratic National Committee, who ran in the

Democratic primary in 2004, believes the switch gives Harris an added edge.

At the same time, entering Super Tuesday as the favorite to win an early California primary isn’t all good news for Harris, who national polls show is running third in a hypothetical field of Democrats behind Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“It puts her at some risk,” Dean says of Harris. “If she goes in to California, she has to win. If for some reason she doesn’t, that’s going to be very problematic for her.”

Harris has won three statewide elections, and with potential rivals like billionaire businessman Tom Steyer and Los

Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti bowing out, she might end up as the only major candidate from California in the race. In the past two days, three of the state’s Democratic House members — Ted Lieu, Katie Hill and Nanette Barragan — have all endorsed Harris, solidifying her standing as the candidate to beat in California.

In 2016, California’s Democratic presidential primary was held on June 7, after the race between Democrat Hillary

Clinton and independent Bernie Sanders was all but over. In 2020,

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