Lev Parnas and Michael Cohen are right to think working for Trump

Lev Parnas and Michael Cohen are right to think working for Trump was like being in a cult, according to a cult expert ,In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Thursday night, former Giuliani associate

Lev Parnas said working for Trump was “cult-like.” Steve Hassen, author of “The Cult of Trump” and a former cultist himself, told Insider that aspects of ,

Trump’s circle meet the technical definitions of a cult. Trump’s own personality traits — like feeling beyond reproach, twisting the truth,

And ignoring dissent — track to those of other cult leaders, he said. An author on cults, who used to be in one himself, says they’re right. Steve Hassen, a cult expert and author of a book called “The Cult of Trump,”

Spoke to Insider about the ways in which Trump and his circle behave share characteristics with cults. “What’s interesting and shocking to me is to hear Lev Parnas describe [Trump] as a cult leader and such, and I’m curious how he arrived to that insight,”

.@RudyGiuliani associate Lev Parnas tells @Maddow that he did believe @JoeBiden did something illegal in Ukraine, but says he doesn’t feel that way now.

He blames an almost “cult-like” atmosphere around @realDonaldTrump and evidence given to them at that time.

“I knew that Trump fit the stereotypical profile of all cult leaders, which is essentially malignant narcissism, which is the narcissism — plus the psychopathic elements of feeling above the law,

The cult comparison has also been used by Michael Cohen, Trump’s one-time lawyer.

Drawing on his experience  as a former cult member who gave it up in the 1970s, Hassen says that indoctrination can happen to anyone. He added that redemption is ultimately possible.

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