NFL or MLB Murray must follow his own path for vanguard sports

NFL or MLB ? Murray must follow his own path for vanguard sports ,

Murray also is 21 years old. So while today he views himself a football player, and while today his parents are said to have come in on the side of football,  and while today his near future looks like NFL scouting combine (or private workouts) and NFL draft (and perhaps not as much of MLB spring training, if any), preferences, at 21, are shifty constructs.

Even so, perhaps it is time for the adults – the other adults – to leave the room.

Kyler Murray is a grown man, and if now you must make a crack about NFL quarterback height requirements,have at it. He has spent weeks navigating a grossly unfair system, one that limits where he can go and for how much,  and in April will be drafted into another one. He has people – agents, guardians, confidantes,

friends, coaches, accountants – to help guide him, a special case serving in some ways as a test case, after which he is likely to learn the games are still the games and the rules are not his to make. They will be his to live with.

Murray arrives at his decision at a time when the greater transgression is not the opinion but the absence of an opinion, so the football people will tell him what a fine choice he made, and the baseball people will slap their foreheads,

What Murray must know is the only way this absolutely does not work is to try to keep it all alive to mix football quarterbacking with baseball outfielding and so attempt to cover himself in the case of failure.

One day, and declaring for the draft does not make this day that day, the decision will have to come,

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