No breakthrough in shutdown talks as Trump stands by demands vanguard news today

No breakthrough in shutdown talks as Trump stands by demands vanguard news today ,

WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump stood by his demands for funding for a border wall Sunday as another round of shutdown talks failed to break an impasse,

House Democrats planned to step up the pressure on Trump and Republican lawmakers by passing legislation this week to reopen parts of the government.

Trump, who spent part of the day at Camp David for staff meetings, showed no signs of budging on his demand of more than $5 billion for a wall along the U.S .

White House officials affirmed that request in a letter to Capitol Hill after a meeting with senior congressional aides led by Vice President Mike Pence at the White House complex yielded little progress.

The White House said the letter, as well as details provided during the meeting, sought to answer Democrats’ questions about the funding request .

The letter includes a request for $800 million for “urgent humanitarian needs ,White House said Democrats raised in the meetings .

Still, the request makes clear a wall is a top priority. Vought writes that a “physical barrier — wall — creates an enduring capability that helps field personnel stop, slow down and/or contain illegal entries.”

Trump sought to frame a steel barrier as progress as he returned from the presidential retreat in Maryland .

The president has already suggested his definition of the wall is flexible, but Democrats have made clear they see a wall as immoral and ineffective and prefer other types of border security funded at already agreed upon levels.

The seemingly intractable budget showdown marks the first clash for Trump and Democrats .

Although Trump tweeted that the Sunday session had been “productive,” two Democrats familiar with the meeting gave a different take .

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