Only three college basketball unbeatens remain as No. 6 for vanguard sports

Only three college basketball unbeatens remain as No. 6 for vanguard sports ,  At the start of the day, college basketball had four undefeated teams: Houston Michigan,

Was considered the most likely to not lose a game prior to the postseason. That’s gargantuan compared to percentages attached to Virginia .

Michigan (0.1) and Houston (0.2). But those are now the three left without a scratch in the standings. Nevada’s

chances of an undefeated season evaporated from 17.8 to 0.0. The Wolf Pack are unbeaten no more.

Sixth-ranked Nevada went into the Pit in New Mexico and got sideswiped, upended and outright knocked out. New

Mexico’s 85-58 victory brought a harsh end to Nevada’s undefeated dreams.

The margin of defeat was one thing. How about losing like that to a New Mexico team that’s only 8-6?

For Eric Musselman’s Pack, the loss stings and stinks — but this is also still the best start in school history through 15 games. The sky is not falling in Reno. Nevada is far and away, still, the best team in the Mountain West.

But college hoops was plundered of a potentially fun storyline on Saturday. Had Nevada been able to carry its record into February without a loss, it would have built up some discussion and brought more attention to that program, the Mountain West and basketball out West, which is sorely lacking this season outside of Gonzaga, Nevada and maybe one or two other overachieving mid-majors.

Maybe Houston, Virginia or Michigan will get through January without a loss, but it’s more likely than not that all those teams won’t. Nevada was going to be the Gonzaga or Wichita State or Kentucky of this season. You’ll recall those three all made it to March undefeated in the past half-decade.

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