Pakistan vs New Zealand 3rd Test, Day 2 in Abu Dhabi for complete sports

Pakistan vs New Zealand 3rd Test, Day 2 in Abu Dhabi for complete sports , Pakistan will be pleased with 139/3 on the board given that they lost their openers cheaply. They trail by another 135 runs, but with seven wickets in hand and a very solid-looking Azhar Ali batting on 62.Three boundaries in the space of seven balls for him. He’s quickly moved to 24! What will the two teams be looking for on Day 3? Both the sides will be eager for a lead. New Zealand need wickets quickly and Pakistan need one big partnership, Like it has been the case all series, the middle-order is bailing Pakistan out yet again.

Southee strikes soon after Tea and NZ have broken this threatening partnership! Outside edge and taken by the keeper… Sohail is on his way back to the pavilion.Pakistan lost both their openers cheaply, courtesy, Trent Boult. Haris Sohail and Azhar Ali, then ,

Solid partnership building between Azhar Ali and Harris Sohail.Pakistan go past 50.What a stunning catch! Edged to the second slip where Southee takes an exceptional, low catch to send Hafeez back on his way without opening his account. And that’ll be lunch.

60.6 A Patel to Shafiq, Bowls flatter on middle, Shafiq nudges it fine to the leg side and negotiates the last ball of the day. THAT IS STUMPS ON DAY 2. 139/3 ,

60.5 A Patel to Shafiq, Wide outside off, Shafiq lets it go. 139/3

60.4 A Patel to Shafiq, Tossed up on off, the batsman defends off the front foot. 139/3

60.3 A Patel to Shafiq, Flighted delivery on middle, Shafiq keeps it out. 139/3

60.2 A Patel to Shafiq, Short on off, Shafiq rocks back and cuts it towards point. The batsmen get two runs. 139/3

60.1 A Patel to Shafiq, Turns from middle to off, Shafiq blocks it well. 137/3

Ajaz departs in quick succession. Done in by ample turn and some bounce also. Edged to first slip and NZ are nine-down. Fourth wicket to Bilal. Watling is still firm as New Zealand seek that morale boost of 300 score (or more).Bilal Asif comes back into the attack and strikes in his second over to take out Somerville on 12 off 99 deliveries!

What a solid role he’s played in keeping Pakistan at bay. Very valuable 45 runs added for the eight wicket stand. Ajaz Patel is the new batsman in.

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