Pentagon: Several thousand more troops to the Mexico border for breaking news today

Pentagon: Several thousand more troops to the Mexico border for breaking news today ,

The U.S. will be sending “several thousand” more American troops to the southern border to provide additional

support to Homeland Security, Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said Tuesday, providing for the first time new

estimates for the next phase of the military aid.

It’s still not clear how many of the roughly 2,400 active duty forces currently working the border mission will go

home and not be replaced, but the Pentagon estimates that the total number of forces deployed there over the coming months will exceed 4,000.

The Department of Homeland Security, said Shanahan “has asked us to support them in additional concertina wire

and then expanded surveillance capability, and we’ve responded with, you know, here how many people it would take and this is the timing and mix of the people to support that.”

The Pentagon has approved an extended U.S. deployment to the border through the end of September. As of

Tuesday, officials were still working out exactly how many forces would be deployed and what units should be tapped.

“What impact does it have to readiness to send several thousand troops down to the Southern border? It interrupts their training. It interrupts their dwell time,” said Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., and chairman of the committee.

Vice Adm. Mike Gilday, the director of operations for the Joint Staff, told the panel that he does not believe military readiness has been significantly affected. He said some units have missed training opportunities because of the deployment and others have seen less time at home between deployments than the military likes to provide.

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