President Donald trump Has Broad Powers Pink Jets and Dog Medals?

President Donald trump Has Broad Powers Pink Jets and Dog Medals? In an October White House photo, President Donald Trump presented the military’s ultimate symbol of heroism ,

The Medal of Honor, to a dog. It was a joke, a doctored photo reposted on the president’s Twitter account. But even though the president didn’t actually award the Medal of Honor to a dog, legal scholars agree that as commander in chief of the military, he could have.

The move prompted many to ask what the limits on the president’s authority are to intervene in the military. Military scholars say they are few. He could, hypothetically, also order all the Air Force’s jets painted pink , appoint his chauffeur to an elite commando force or require all officers to wear long,

Presidential power over the military runs deep and hits up against just two limits, he said: Congress and the Constitution. A president cannot create policies that violate constitutional rights. For example, Fidell said, the president could not block anyone of a specific race or religion from becoming a SEAL because of equal protection and First Amendment rights.

A case challenging the president’s decision to bar transgender recruits from joining the military is working its way through the courts now. A president also cannot order the military to do something that violates a law enacted by Congress, such as the law that repealed the Don’t Ask,

Don’t Tell policy, which barred gay troops from serving openly in the military. But those two constraints leave a broad thoroughfare, crowded with ships, fighter jets and nuclear weapons, where the president has considerable discretion. “Think of the implications,” Fidell said. “I suppose it is possible he could tell the Navy who should be a pilot.

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