Professor: Trump Must Resign or ‘Dangerous Individuals’ Will ‘Kill and Maim’

Professor: Trump Must Resign or ‘Dangerous Individuals’ Will ‘Kill and Maim’ A professor at Georgia Southern University has declared that “people have already died” because of Donald Trump .

Adding that the media must pressure him to resign or else “dangerous individuals” will “kill and maim.” A linguistics and writing professor, Jared Yates Sexton, made the comments on Twitter on Saturday,

According to Sexton, the media “must push against that impulse to juice impeachment for profit,” and start pressuring Trump to resign instead — or else a bunch of bloodthirsty maniacs will be the end of us all.

Sexton continued. “Trump and Republicans signal to them constantly. They’re more than ready to see this as the occasion.”Sexton then reiterated the need for the media to “assert pressure” on Trump “to resign so we can avoid this story going to a place that risks lives.”

Now, Campus Reform later interviewed Sexton, and his comments there perhaps (and only perhaps) seem like a bit (but only a bit) of a walkback from his original tweets ,although he certainly did double down on his view that Trump is “dangerous.”

In the interview, though, Sexton clarified that he doesn’t believe that people will “die simply because Trump remains in office,”but that he does “believe there is a danger in President Trump and Republicans continually mentioning coups and civil wars as history,

Both recent and past, shows that individuals do kill when rhetoric like this permeates media.”“For instance, Dylann Roof’s killings were predicated by radicalizing propaganda that told him he must take his country back,” he told the news source.

“My concern is that the President has obviously committed impeachable offenses and that the fight over impeachment,considering there [are] already calls for a civil war, will be dangerous for Americans,” Sexton continued.

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