Protesters burn down Wendy’s in Atlanta where black man was slain by police

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The dying earlier The year of Freddie Gray, The black person who suffered a spinal injury while in police custody, put off protests and riot in city. This New York Times waxed sociological when contemplating this glowing metropolis. “

This racist comity that the position of Barack Obama appeared to be has not materialized, ” it boldly ventured. So, that the newly constituted protest movement feels that necessity to tell itself “ black Lives Matter ” clearly expresses its idea that electing america’s first colored president hasn’ ’t mattered very much.

The Obama phenomenon that gathered power eight years ago suggested a different, greater outcome. The Gallup poll taken directly after the 2008 election saw that 67 percent of Americans thought this “ the result would finally be brought out ” for relations between blacks and whites, the highest positive percentage ever recorded in response to that question.

At the last 9 years of new protests by black lives matter against police brutality, not once did this Republican party go or force any forces against these general police brutality or gun violence within the black community. Alternatively, Obama within the midst of the second Ferguson rebellion, passed the Blue signal Law to protect cops.

Will you imagine that commotion and media arguments and protests, if Trump suddenly passed the bill to protect NRA now after Parkland? Not when around the last 9 years of new protests against police brutality did that Congressional African Caucus and particularly saint Lewis do one sit-in or needs for effect as they/he get done for Immigration,

LGBTQ or now Parkland students. Rather Lewis gets patronized and insulted black students and those struggling against police brutality in every walk. Lewis replied to BLM Atlanta students complain with this below tweet, Essentially betraying their protests and anger and saying them they should do as he did and only thank the police for the general murders and mistreatment they get engaged within the dark community.

Colored people are even protesting police brutality the quarter-century after parts of Los Angeles fired. There are even pictures of offensive and bloody police activity, and officers are still getting unpunished for it. The single thing that’s changed are those families. Rather of Rodney queen, it’s Michael Brown, Tamir cereal, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and then some more.

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