Race is ‘America’s Achilles heel,’ Harris tells African-American group

Race is ‘America’s Achilles heel,’ Harris tells African-American group , Sen. Kamala Harris told one of the nation’s largest African-American male fraternities ,

Saturday that the issue of race and racism is “America’s Achilles heel” and that Russia will try to exploit this weakness. Harris, a top contender for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020,

Made the comment in the context of discussing Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election,

Harris’ comment matched the findings of an investigation by a Senate committee into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Harris did not elaborate Saturday on what she or others should do to combat racial division.

Benjamin Crump, a civil rights attorney, introduced Harris as a “trailblazer” who is on a “historic journey” to become

The first woman of color to be president.” Harris’ comment about America’s vulnerability to racial division follows a similar comment on Friday in an appearance on a New York radio show. “Guess what gains the most heat?” Harris said. “Race.”

She predicted that Russia will try to do the same thing in the 2020 election. “They did it then. They will do it now,” Harris said. Speaking inside the Harrah’s casino, just down the hall from slot machines, gambling tables, and an indoor pool throbbing with techno music .

Her speech here reflected her larger campaign strategy of defending her career as a prosecutor —a job sometimes viewed skeptically by some in minority communities distrustful of the criminal justice system — and laying out her arguments against President Trump.

Harris addressed an audience of several hundred mostly suit and tie-clad Omegas. There were, however, several dozen African-American women in the audience near the front of the room. One of those women, Nicole Dookie, a speech therapist from Monmouth, New Jersey, came with her husband,


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