Rajinikanth coming into his own right towards the end

Rajinikanth coming into his own right towards the end, 2.0 review: Not worth all the sound and fury. Rajinikanth’s previous outing as a mad scientist who creates a robot in his own image was, despite its sludgy parts, quite a lot of fun.

Akshay merely gets top billing amongst the rest. It also takes the business of throwing everything in Shankar’s arsenal of special effects at us very seriously, leaving us with two supersize characters towering over a stadium. All the groaning and clanking of metal, and 3D computer graphic imagery flying about is just not enough to make it compelling viewing.

The writing is even more ordinary than in the first version . Wait, there’s a crucial plot point attached to this, and about the only good thing in this flick. Shankar did have the kernel of a good idea.

2.0 movie cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Adil Hussain, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey

2.0 movie director: Shankar , 2.0 movie rating: 2 stars

wondering why Rajini is being strangely subdued, even when he is made to spend time with the resolutely red-lipped, impressively pneumatic Ms Jackson.

Adil Hussain pops up as a reasonably responsible ‘neta’ but doesn’t get much to do in this to-do of the two titans ,

The real film kicks in post-interval, with the appearance of Akshay’s Pakshiraja, a good man turned bad, out of fear and justifiable anger.

By then it’s just a question of how much Shankar will crank it up in the climax. He does, but somehow, none of it sticks after an initial shock-and-awe flash.

Akshay, and a Rajini coming into his own right towards the end, for a bit. There are some oh-wow moments, but on the whole.

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