Rudy Giuliani Jokes That He Has ‘Insurance’ If Trump Throws Him Under The Bus

Rudy Giuliani Jokes That He Has ‘Insurance’ If Trump Throws Him Under The Bus ,Rudy Giuliani told a reporter that he has “very very good insurance” if President Donald Trump ever decides Giuliani reportedly responded to the question with a slight laugh: “I’m not, but I do have very,

His lawyer, Robert Costello, who was also on the call, then interjected: “He’s joking.” The question comes in the wake of speculation from analysts that such a move may be in the cards, after closed-door testimony from multiple witnesses during the impeachment probe described Giuliani as having a central role in the conversations and actions that led to the inquiry.

A recent Axios report cited top House Republican sources as describing a potential GOP plan to distance Trump from Giuliani as part of an impeachment survival strategy. Asked by The Guardian whether he believed Trump would remain loyal to him, Giuliani said he believed the president to be a “very loyal guy.”

“I dug up evidence that helped to show the case against him was false; that there was a great deal of collusion going on someplace else other than Russia.

Rudolph W. Giuliani, has hired lawyers of his own to represent him, as federal prosecutors in New York probe his interactions with two men charged with campaign finance violations .The hires marked a shift for the former New York mayor, who had until recently insisted he did not need a defense lawyer,

Even as scrutiny of his interactions with the men, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, has mounted. Parnas and Fruman connected Giuliani to current and former Ukrainian officials as Giuliani sought damaging information about Democrats in Ukraine . That project is at the heart of the impeachment inquiry into Trump,

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