Saints become fourth home team to win in divisional round for vanguard sports

Saints become fourth home team to win in divisional round for vanguard sports ,

All season, the unexpected in the NFL didn’t faze us.

We expected the best teams to get upset out of the blue, or teams that hadn’t looked good in weeks , sometimes months — to snap out of it and go on a run. The Philadelphia Eagles .

who rallied from 6-7 to make the playoffs, were a prime example. It wasn’t just parity, it was a game of “Boggle” for 17 weeks. Everything was shaken up week after week , and that continued in the wild-card round with three road teams winning.

Then we got to the divisional round and the favorites took over. The New Orleans Saints got the toughest test of the

weekend, falling behind to the Eagles 14-0 in the first quarter but turning it on after that for a 20-14 win. Receiver

Michael Thomas led the way for the Saints, making big catch after big catch, setting a franchise record for receiving

yards in a playoff game with 171 on 12 catches. And Marshon Lattimore saved the day, intercepting a pass that went through Alshon Jeffery’s hands with 1:52 left and the Eagles driving.

Nick Foles and Eagles started hot

Early on, it seemed like the Eagles would continue their magic ride and crash the conference championship party.

Foles started the game like it was Super Bowl LII. He was on fire. The Eagles led 14-0 after one quarter, thanks in part to Drew Brees throwing an interception on the first play of the game. They had 151 yards before the Saints got their first positive yardage of the game. We’ve seen Foles get in the zone before, and he was locked in early.

All of a sudden, the unbelievable run for the Eagles and Foles crashed back to earth. The Saints deserve credit for that, too.

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