The Trump Thing Is A Dealbreaker For Me

The Trump Thing Is A Dealbreaker For Me , I was talking to a seemingly nice mom the other day. She seemed great and I was getting hopeful for a Mom Friend.

It’s hard to find mom friends once your kids leave the baby stage, and I’m always desperate: the type of mama with BE MY FRIEND NOW stamped on my forehead. Because of that, I try to keep an open mind about different viewpoints and parenting philosophies.

While we chatted, it became clear that we had some very different opinions on parenting, and life in general — still not a dealbreaker. But then she dropped the Trump Thing. The Trump Thing breaks me every time.

I can put up with your woo. I can put up with you thinking that my writing career is cute rather than a real profession, which is belittling and annoying, as long as our kids don’t beat each other with sticks and your car is as messy as mine.

I can cope with your gun fetish, even when your kid, whom my kid loves dearly, starts spouting NRA propaganda at my house. We just nod and smile and say “uh-huh” and know our kids understand we want to set all the guns in America on fire and sell the resulting metal to pay for our ailing school systems.

I only roll my eyes inwardly when your spiel about how vitamins worked well for your kid turns into a multi-level marketing pitch, because you share your snacks at playdates. Got a Disney fetish? We have a similarly high tolerance for glitter.

Look at me like I’m Satan because I let my kids listen to Hamilton when OMG it has the word fuck in it like twice?! Well, y’all are generally nice people.


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