The White House is reportedly worried that House Democrats

Trump is currently facing trial on two articles of impeachment alleging abuse of office and obstructing Congress  ,

Over a campaign to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate his political rivals. Since Trump was impeached by the House on December 18, a steady stream of new,

Even though Trump is likely to be acquitted, Republicans expect House Democrats to continue investigating Trump, and they worry it could jeopardize the president’s re-election prospects.

White House officials are concerned that House Democrats will continue investigations into President Donald Trump even after ,

The ongoing impeachment trial after three marathon days of arguments from the House impeachment managers prosecuting the case against Trump.  When Democrats took back control of the House in the fall of 2018, the Judiciary, Intelligence,

And Oversight Committees immediately opened multiple investigations and oversight probes into Trump’s administration than eventually transformed into the House’s impeachment inquiry into Trump last fall.

Trump is currently facing trial on two articles of impeachment alleging abuse of his office and obstructing Congress. But officials are concerned that even if the Senate acquits Trump,

House Democrats won’t relent their investigations of his administration and specifically the Ukraine scandal.  Trump is accused of abusing his power by dispatching his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani  ,

And other administration officials to withhold a congressionally appropriated $391 million military aid package from Ukraine for his own personal gain. the impeachment articles charge that Trump and his team leveraged the aid, in addition to the promise of a White House meeting,

To pressure Ukraine’s president to announce investigations into Trump’s political rival Joe Biden and a discredited conspiracy theory  ,

That Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election. For Trump to be removed from office, two-thirds of the US Senate — 67 members — must vote to convict him of the articles of impeachment.

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