Tom Brady’s message for Patrick Mahomes for vanguard sports

Tom Brady’s message for Patrick Mahomes for vanguard sports , after their AFC title duel .

He wore a New England Patriots AFC championship T-shirt, a face that was still a bit burnt from the brutally cold wind and a smile of satisfaction that these epic victories .

Tom Brady was done with the trophy presentation, done with the locker room celebration, done with his news

conference where he was peppered with questions about the four second-half and overtime touchdown drives

Brady was now free to find his family or his friends or his teammates. He was now free to revel in another triumph. He was now free to soak in a moment that he even wasn’t so sure was possible this season, with this team.

But first Brady wanted to find someone. So he asked officials to take him to the one person who might be most in need of a moment of his time, because he’d most certainly earned his full admiration.

“I just wanted to say hello,” Brady said. “I didn’t get to see him on the field.”

After this rollicking and roller-coaster playoff duel, with the Pats and Chiefs combining for four touchdowns and one field goal in the final seven minutes, 45 seconds of the fourth quarter, with a Super Bowl appearance baying in the winter wind, there was no way Brady was leaving Arrowhead Stadium without a word with Mahomes.

So Brady followed NFL and Chiefs security through a back door of the Chiefs’ locker room, until they found the 23-year-old likely MVP who had pushed and pushed and pushed the great Tom Brady to the limits.

“He’s a great player,” Brady said. “He played a great game.”

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