Trump Administration Quietly Goes After Disability Benefits

Trump Administration Quietly Goes After Disability Benefits , Some Americans could lose Social Security Disability Insurance ,

Benefits under a recent Trump administration proposal  a change that could affect thousands of people but that has received little attention since it was first floated in November.  Under the proposed change, the government would look more closely at whether certain disability insurance recipients still

Qualify as “disabled” after they’ve already been awarded those benefits. While recipients already have to demonstrate their continuing disability every few years,

The proposal would ramp up the examinations, potentially running still-eligible beneficiaries out of the program.  The extra reviews will help “maintain appropriate stewardship of the disability program,”

 The administration said in the proposal, arguing current rules fail to account fully for the possibility of medical improvement. It’s just one of several unilateral moves the Trump administration has made against social programs that make it easier for people to survive without labor market income.

The proposals may save the government a few dollars, but they also send a political message that President Trump is cracking down on the “takers” Republicans have vilified for decades .Democrats and disability advocates said the proposed new regulation would only hurt disabled people,

That it hasn’t been vetted and that the rule-making process should be delayed. More than 8 million Americans receive disability benefits based on past employment  ,

And a loss of wage income due to the onset of a severe disability. “If they haven’t improved enough to go back to self-supporting work then they probably should still be eligible for benefits,”

Kathleen Romig, a senior policy analyst at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, said in an interview. The regulation could affect hundreds of thousands of SSDI and Supplemental Security Income recipients,

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