Trump Cools on Plans to Pardon Alleged War Criminals for vanguard news

Trump Cools on Plans to Pardon Alleged War Criminals for vanguard news ,

After facing a torrent of pushback and harsh criticism from military veterans, Donald Trump has backed off plans to potentially pardon convicted and alleged U.S. war criminals—at least for now.

The sources also noted that Trump, while monitoring much of the reaction in newspapers and cable news last month, had not expected the blowback to be as fierce and widespread among veterans as it was .

Eventually, he decided to tap the brakes on the highly controversial idea, with the possibility of revisiting it in the future.The decision marks another instance of President Trump reconsidering his plans to dive head-first into a divisive debate at the egging of his media boosters.

Last month, news first broke that the president’s staff had ordered the fast-tracking of the required paperwork for the possible granting of pardons to American servicemen accused or convicted of war crimes,

After the news broke, Hegseth and others in the pro-Trump media universe continued to rally around the idea. Trump hasn’t publicly brought it up or tweeted about it since, in large part due to the backlash from veterans’ advocates.

“The military is a profession, and it has professional standards. Non-professional militaries hold themselves above the law,” said David Desroches, a former senior Pentagon official ,

“And America’s military prides itself on operating within the law. If you have guys committing war crimes, and getting away with it, that really damages our effort tactically.

Last month, major veterans’ advocates and organizations said they hadn’t been consulted or contacted by the Trump White House on the proposal, and urged extreme caution in pardoning or excusing U.S. military personnel who may have very well committed murder overseas.


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