Trump defends trade policies to farmers deal with China for vanguard news today

Trump defends trade policies to farmers deal with China for vanguard news today ,

U.S. President Trump addresses National Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th convention in New Orleans, Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday defended his tough trade policies in front of

thousands of farmers who have suffered because of his trade war with China, disappointing some who had hoped to hear a plan for a swift resolution.

Trump dedicated much of his speech to explaining why he believes the United States needs a wall on its southern border, in his second consecutive visit to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention.

He also said his trade policies would deliver long-term benefits for the American heartland.

U.S. farmers, numbering some 3.2 million, have been reliable Trump supporters, despite struggling financially since Beijing imposed a tariff on imports of U.S. soybeans in July in retaliation for Trump‘s tariffs on Chinese goods.

China has also implemented duties on other U.S. farm goods, including pork and grain sorghum.

“I would like to have known that there was a fix that was going to be done immediately and that he could have told us about it today,” Illinois grain farmer Robert Klemm said at the convention in New Orleans.

China bought about $12 billion worth of U.S. soy in 2017, but mostly shifted purchases to Brazil last year because of the trade dispute.

“With China, every year for many years we’re losing $375 billion. We’re working on that very strong. You see what’s going on.Doing very well,” Trump said at the convention, without providing specific details on the negotiations.

“We’re turning all of that around with fair trade deals that put American farmers, ranchers, and in fact America, first,” he said.

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