Trump, Dems in tentative deal on North American trade pact for washington post dc

Trump, Dems in tentative deal on North American trade pact for washington post dc , House Democrats have reached a tentative

Agreement with labor leaders and the White House over a rewrite of the U.S. Mexico-Canada trade deal that has been a top priority for President Donald Trump. “I’m hearing very good things, including from unions and others that it’s looking good.

I hope they put it up to a vote, washington post dc and if they put it up to a vote, it’s going to pass,” Trump said Monday.  “I’m hearing a lot of strides have been made over the last 24 hours, with unions and others.”  The tentative accord was revealed by a ,

Democratic aide not authorized to discuss the talks and granted anonymity because the agreement is not official. In Mexico City, Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Monday night .

Details still need to be finalized and the U.S. Trade Representative will need to submit the implementing legislation to Congress. No vote has been scheduled. “We’re trying to move everything along. We have a lot to do before we leave,” Pelosi said as she left the Capitol Monday.

“And appropriations is the central thing.” The new, long-sought trade agreement with Mexico and Canada would give both Trump and Pelosi, his top adversary, a major accomplishment despite the turmoil of his likely impeachment.

Asked why she would give Trump a win, Pelosi said “Why wouldn’t we?” Pelosi spoke Monday night at a Wall St. Journal event. The new trade pact would replace the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico and Canada. Critics, including Trump,

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