Trump is elevating judges who could gut the Voting Rights Act

Trump is elevating judges who could gut the Voting Rights Act , Fresh from handing President Trump a victory in his impeachment trial, the U.S. Senate has moved to install federal judges who have expressed disdain for the Voting Rights Act,

 The landmark 1965 law that struck down rules across the South that kept African-Americans from the ballot box. Overturning voting-rights protections tends to benefit Republicans,  Some scholars even believe that weakening the Voting Rights Act ahead of the 2016 election .

The first of those nominees, Andrew L. Brasher, 38, was formerly the solicitor general of Alabama, a position that allowed him to stake out ,

Conservative stances on issues from gun control to reproductive rights.  He was confirmed to an Alabama district court last year and, in a rapid elevation, was nominated only months later for a seat on the 11th Circuit court of appeals, which is based in Atlanta.

Despite intense opposition by progressive groups, Brasher was confirmed by the full Senate on Feb. 11 in a 52-43 vote. He is the 188th judge confirmed during Trump’s time in the White House. The other nominee is Cory Wilson, 49, a former Mississippi politician who is now a state appellate judge there.

The progressive Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. She worried that these two jurists, and others, were advancing “really extreme arguments when it comes to voting rights.”

Conservatives argue that it is unfair to characterize judges like Brasher for work they did on behalf of constituents they were required to defend in court.

Some of those judges have begun to agitate for the kind of lessened federal oversight conservatives have long yearned for. Earlier this month, as the impeachment trial was coming to an end, a Trump-appointed judge said, in a dissenting opinion,

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