Trump Just Got Mike Pence’s Name Wrong, And Twitter Users Were Quick To Pounce

Trump Just Got Mike Pence’s Name Wrong, And Twitter Users Were Quick To Pounce ,  Twitter users were quick to pounce on the flub :

President Donald Trump just accidentally gave Vice President Mike Pence a new nickname, and it’s already starting to stick. America, meet… Mike Pounce. Speaking at an event in Baltimore on Thursday night, Trump started ticking off a list of names of GOP luminaries at the event.

Except when he got to Pence, he botched it: Trump claims “the country will go to hell” if a Democrat wins next year, says they’re “gonna take your money, they’re gonna take — and very much hurt — your families.”

Meanwhile the president just called his Vice President Mike Pounce so everything is fine , yall know mike gonna tomorrow that he has legally changed his name to mike pounce right?

Gather round the old tire fire, my grandchildren, and let me tell you how the apocalypse began, with a story about Mike Pounce, Tim Apple, and the hurricane that wasn’t going to hit Alabama. 

Tomorrow, VP’s legal name change paperwork will submitted and photoshopped Trump/Pounce 2016 signs will be spread across the internet. 

Mike Pounce is a great name for a book series about an ultraconservative cat. 

Trump in Baltimore slurred continuously in a weak, low tone. Left arm flying. Hanging on. “Mike Pounce” “merica” “casth” “exahhht” “busnsnees” “pars accrrdd” “Hi quality locast” (low cost) “Hillary didn’t like stairs, didn’t like airplanes, didn’t like a lot.” Projection city. 

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